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how to get invitation code for pi network

How to get invitation code for pi network ?

The Pi Network app is free. but you need an invitation code to mining. You can have an invitation code by asking any user or you can use mine. Write OnePiVn as your Invitation code to get access and start mining. The app is very lightweight as it doesn’t drain battery and doesn’t consume data. All you have to do is tap the electric button inside the app to start mining, you can close it and continue your day. Though it continue to accumulate cryptocurrency after closing the app, you still have to get back as it will stop accumulating Pi after 24 hours.

Cryptocurrency for smartphone users - Pi Network Invitation Code

Pi Network’s community

The community of Pi network is very active, there are several goods store that was establish and currently accepting Pi as payment. One of the exciting store is TPL or the Pi Lifestyle Economy, located in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. You can purchase 5 kilos of rice in their store for 0.25 Pi, A “vans boy” rim for 1.4295 Pi and many more! 

How much is one Pi?

Pi value =0 

Currently pi is running off of an emulator while pi is being developed. 

As of this writing pi is still developing and just bring nodes on line to start testnet block chain. 

With no running blockchain there is no pi to list on the open mark. So pi can have no open market value until phase 3. 

The pi we are earning is being earned on account. It is being secured and balances kept correct by core team. 

We can claim our pi once pi project is completed start of phase 3.  No date is set for phase 3. 

Phone vs facebook verification 

We know what is in the white paper. That section has not been up dated since Facebook verification has been added. 

Only one or the other is needed.  Don’t need both. 

Why Facebook was added is because.  Most countries out side us and uk, phone providers charge to send and receive text from over seas. 

So pioneers from those countries need to buy an international sms package from the service provider. 

So fb was added as free option to verify pi accounts. 

If verify by fb may not be able to verify phone numbed. No need to try. 

Your account is verified and secured.  

invitation code for pi network
invitation code for pi network OnePivn

Don't forget your invitation code for pi network OnePiVn


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